Economic Development and Sacred Road

Economic Development and Sacred Road
April 6, 2016 Evan Shaw
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Unemployment for the people of the Yakama Nation can be as high as 73%. That means 3 out of every 4 Native Americans on the Yakama Reservation don’t have a way to produce income for themselves and their families.

This lack of jobs does not necessarily indicate a lack of skills.

There are many on the Reservation that are skilled artisans, but simply need a market to sell their products. In many cases, just a few sales per month can significantly increase income and create financial opportunities.

At Sacred Road, we want to help address this issue. We want to aid in empowering the people of the Yakama Nation through economic development. And we think you do too.

To that end, we’re starting an online marketplace for Native Americans of the Yakama Nation involved with Sacred Road to be able to sell their authentic, handmade products to a broader community than they can access here on the Reservation.

Here’s what it will look like
First, artists from the Sacred Road community will apply their skills in a way that both generates income and promotes the beautiful Native American culture they are a part of.

Second, you get to shop for jewelry, artwork, and other 100% authentic, handmade Native American goods in this store while contributing to the mission of economic development for the Yakama people.

Sacred Road receives none of the proceeds from the sales of these goods. One hundred percent of the proceeds goes to the artisans.

We’re starting small
Of course, it’s nice to dream of a day when Sacred Road has the largest economic development opportunity for any Native American, but for now, we are starting small. We are partnering with three local artisans in the community to help them sell their products.

What you can do right now
1. Go to the website and purchase products from local Yakama artists at
2. Subscribe to the Sacred Road Store blog to find out more about economic development in Native America and updates and changes regarding the Sacred Road Store and featured Artists at
3. Share this website with your friends via word of mouth and on social media. The more people that know about our mission, this store and the artist’s products, the more economic activity generated on the Reservation.

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  1. Kristina L Pasquan 5 years ago

    OMG>>> SHUT UP and take all my money!!! Such a great idea! already purchased 2 items.

    • Darren Maxfield 5 years ago


      Thanks! We are excited about this and hope you tell all your friends!

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