Get Authentic , Handmade Native American Goods and CREATE INCOME OPPORTUNITIES for the Yakama Families of Sacred Road

Unemployment for the people of the Yakama Nation can be as high as 73%. That means 3 out of every 4 Native Americans on the Reservation  don't have a way to produce income for themselves and their families.

This lack of jobs does not necessarily indicate a lack of skills.​

There are many on the Reservation that are skilled artisans, but simply need a market to sell their products. In many cases, just a few sales per month can significantly increase income and create financial opportunities.​

At Sacred Road, we want to address this issue. We want to empower the people of the Yakama Nation through economic development. And we think you do too.

To that end, we're starting an online marketplace for Yakama individuals involved with Sacred Road to be able to sell their authentic, handmade products to a broader community than they can access here on the Reservation. 

Here's what it will look like. . .

First, artists from the Sacred Road community will apply their skills in a way that both generates income and promotes the beautiful Native American culture they are a part of.

Second, you get to shop for jewelry, artwork, and other 100% authentic, handmade Native American goods in our store while contributing to the mission of economic development for the Yakama people.

We're starting small. . .

Of course, it's nice to dream of a day when Sacred Road has the largest economic development opportunity for any Native American, but for now, we are starting small. We are partnering with artisans in the community to help them sell their products.

What you can do right now. . .

We don't quite want to release this to the public yet. As we mentioned before, we are starting small with just a few artisans. However, we expect this to grow reasonably fast.

Currently the only way to get access to the early version of this marketplace is to subscribe to our email updates. That way we can keep you updated on new developments as they become a reality, but we don't risk overwhelming artisans with demand for products they may or may not be able to fulfill.  Because we are starting small, only those signing up now will have access to this marketplace. To receive updates as this economic development initiative evolves and to gain access to this marketplace enter your email address below. 

If you would like to be a part of the early stages of this project, and perhaps get access to products from these local artists simply enter your email address below.

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