Sacred Road Artists

Laurie Houseman-WhiteHawk

Laurie Houseman-WhiteHawk

Laurie has lived on the Yakama Indian Reservation for the last 14 years. Laurie relocated here to be near her three Yakama grandchildren who live with Laurie's daughter and son-in-law.

Laurie is a member of the Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) Nation of Nebraska. She has worked as a professional painter and muralist for over 30 years. She also creates beadwork. Her beaded crosses are a reflection of her Christian beliefs and have been purchased by Native ministers.

Laurie traveled the Native "Art Circuit" for 25 years attending National Indian Art Shows and winning many national awards. She continues to pursue her love of creating artwork while living on the Yakama Indian Reservation.

Look for Laurie's products with the SKU numbers starting with LHW.​

Tsennibah Piel

Tsennibah has been a part of the Sacred Road family for years. Tsennibah is enrolled Warm Springs, part Yakama, and part Navajo. She grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. She now lives in the Adams View Housing Development on the Yakama Reservation.

She is a single mom, raising 5 beautiful children ranging from 1st though 7th grade. Her children are part of the "Best Youth Group Ever" at Hope Fellowship, and Kingdom Kids, the after-school tutoring program. If you've joined a summer mission team, you've probably enjoyed Fry Bread made by Tsennibah.

Tsennibah makes beautiful, authentic, handmade beaded jewelry - necklaces, earrings, and men's medallions.

Look for Tsennibah's products with the SKU numbers starting with TP.​

Prescott Speedis

Prescott Speedis

Prescott is a Yakama Indian and currently lives in the town of Wapato on the Yakama Reservation.

Prescott is running a business selling authentic, handmade Native American art. But as in many small towns, there are not enough customers to keep this business covering costs.

Prescott makes handmade jewelry - necklaces and earrings. Prescott is also an artist and makes beautiful, original Native American paintings and other handmade works of art. You might also find Prescott around town playing the drums with his rock band, VisionSeekerz.

Look for Prescott's products with the SKU numbers starting with PS.​

Mike Sternbeck

"Big" Mike Sternbeck

Big Mike was one of the first people Chris Granberry met over 13 years ago. Mike is part Yakama and part Makah.  He grew up on the Yakama Reservation and now lives in the town of White Swan.

Mike, and his son Mikey, ​attend Hope Fellowship. Mikey is a part of the "Best Youth Group Ever." Mike is part of the Hope Fellowship men's group and was baptized in the summer of 2015. Mike is a mechanic at heart and enjoys working on small equipment and cars. 

Mike makes handmade Dreamcatchers that are beautiful additions to any house or office.

Look for Mike's products with the SKU numbers starting with MS.


Felicia Tillequots-Umtuch

Felicia, whom everyone knows as Fishii, and her brothers have been a part of Sacred Road Ministries for years. Fishii and her family live in White Swan.

Fishii is an integral part of the Best Youth Group Ever. She helps lead the Tuesday night gathering (the game and singing times) and also helps lead singing on Sunday mornings. She'll be a summer intern for the second time this summer and participates in the Friday morning Women's Bible Study each week.

Fishii makes beautiful beadwork with a wonderful sense of color.

Look for Fishii's products with the SKU numbers starting with FTU.