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  • Sep092016
    John Collier

    The Climate for Economic Opportunity has Never Been Better for Native America – Part 3 of 4

    We recently reviewed the Federal policy that is now referred to as Allotment. At the time allotment was enacted, Native…

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  • Aug182016
    founding fathers

    The Climate for Economic Opportunity has Never Been Better for Native America – Part 1 of 4

    The influence of the Federal government’s policies on a broad range of areas of Native American life on reservations cannot…

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  • Jun292016
    Yakama Children

    The #1 Reason Why Yakama Children Won’t Be Able to Start Businesses

    Many of us across America have heard about the American Dream.  A definition of this set of ideals (Democracy, Rights,…

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  • May222016
    Yakama children

    The Incredible Potential of Yakama Children

    We’ve seen in previous blog posts the impacts that living in poverty can have on a person’s identity, ability to…

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  • May162016
    Hope Fellowship Youth Group

    Introducing the Sacred Road Store Artists

    What I’ve posted already on this blog, and most of what I will post in the future, regarding economic development…

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  • May052016
    Yakama child

    9 Revealing Stats that Show the Breakdown of Yakama Society

    This is a prime example of many economic issues on Native American Reservations – a lack of opportunity exists and…

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  • Apr242016
    economic development, culture, native american woman

    Why Economic Development is Good for the Yakama People

    Most of the world agrees that economic development is a good thing. Micro-loans, savings groups, Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), and…

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  • Apr062016
    Mt Adams.White Swan.Economic Development

    Economic Development and Sacred Road

    Unemployment for the people of the Yakama Nation can be as high as 73%. That means 3 out of every…

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